Keepit saas backup protection

Get the market's best backup coverage 

Keepit is the best way to protect cloud data across your SaaS services. Get the market's best Microsoft 365 backup coverage and benefit from all the great features that the Keepit cloud backup and recovery solution provides. 

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The private cloud purpose-built to withstand ransomware attacks

Exclusively for SaaS data protection, the dedicated Keepit Cloud is built from the ground up to safeguard your business-critical data. Architected with security at the core, the Keepit storage infrastructure is built on a tamper-proof, immutable, blockchain-based object store and file system.

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Danish Cancer Society 

It is important that we are prepared for ransomware threats, or other malicious attacks targeting our data. If we did not have a backup solution in place, it would leave us in big trouble!

Jeanne Andersen 
IT Systems Manager
Danish Cancer Society

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