IDC Nordic Next-Generation Security Survey 2019: The Importance of Data Loss Protection in a Data Economy. The survey was conducted in partnership with Keepit. 

Key takeaways of the IDC Next Generation Security Survey:

1) Backup as Data Loss Protection is top of the security agenda
2) More than half of all security breaches directly lead to data loss
3) Platform is important to establish trust with innovative technologies like Blockchain

Recommended actions:

1) Ensure a flexible data loss protection service that covers the workloads you have or plan to use, remembering the fast pace at which new services are introduced in the cloud

2) Look for the most suitable digital service — also in security. Cloud-enabled services make it possible both economy- and process-wise to look for the services that offer the best flexibility and least interference in the use of digital services

3) Revisit your security leadership often to ensure commitment and connection in IT but also in the rest of the organization

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