Free Backup and Recovery for Azure AD

Keepit's Azure AD Standard protection helps you easily recover business-critical identity and access management objects that are not natively protected by Microsoft.

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Leading protection for your cloud security strategy

Azure AD is the heart of your organisation's IT, giving you one place to go for managing user identities and permissions. But what happens if disaster strikes and you lose access?

It is
vital you can handle downtime instantly — and avoid resource draining scenarios such as rebuilding your Azure AD environment.

Keepit's free protection helps you access and recover business-critical identity and access management objects when you need it.

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Keepit's free protection for Azure AD lets you


Backup and recover: Users, Groups, Roles, Admin Units


Retrieve what you need with 12 months retention at no cost


Improve security with full auditing and traceability


Increase IT efficiency with the ability to roll-back changes

Can you afford to have a gap in your security strategy?

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